Skin-First Mindset

We are your #1 skincare-cosmetic hybrid brand.

Dewha believes that beauty is not just skin deep; it's a reflection of self-care, confidence, and wellness. Our journey began with a simple idea: to create skincare formulated to glow and cosmetics that are infused with skincare ingredients. With a skin-first mindset, we are passionate about crafting multi-action skincare and makeup with an all-inclusive take to help natural beauty be its best self.

#1 Skincare-Cosmetic Hybrid Brand

Glow-Focused Skincare

Multi-Action Approach

My-Skin-But-Better Look

Makeup with Skincare Ingredients

Glow in 10 Days

Own your glow.

Dewha believes that glowing skin inspires confidence and boosts mental wellbeing. We want everyone to find their glow and radiate from the inside out.

We are dedicated to an all-inclusive and multi-action approach in our skincare and makeup that are formulated to help modern skinimalists own their glow effortlessly. From skin prep to my-skin-but-better glamor, Dewha decodes the right skincare and makeup to help natural beauty be its best self.

Achieve clear, smooth and luminous skin and
own your glow with Dewha.

Brand Philosophy

Dewha wants everyone to find their #DewhaGLOW.
The #DewhaGLOW is defined with 3 principles:

Dewha emphasizes on crystal clear skin and achieving a flawless complexion that is free from blemishes, spots and skin troubles.

Dewha pursues smooth skin, inviting individuals to experience a refined skin texture that is soft and silky to feel.

Designed to glow, Dewha’s products are formulated to give the skin maximum luminance, helping individuals radiate confidence from the inside out.

Glow Story

The unparalleled beauty of the marine pearl, a metaphor for perfection and true beauty in its purest form, led us to our relentless pursuit of the beauty secrets of the marine life.

Dewha uncovers the ancient beauty recipes of the pearl that traces back to thousands of years, bringing you the heart of the ocean directly to your skincare regime.

The signature line, powered by our very first proprietary formula, Crystal PRO-Biosome™, captures and blends the intrinsic allure of pearl with marine minerals, resulting in our game-changing regenerative beauty line as a testament to our dedication in redefining glow-focused skincare.

Brand Promise

We guarantee your glow in 10 days with our proprietary signature formula - Crystal PRO-Biosome™.

Our commitment extends beyond the ordinary.
Dewha promises your glow in 10 days or your money-back guaranteed.

Values - What makes us better

01 Glow-Focused Skincare
Formulated to glow effortlessly, we decoded our unique proprietary glow formula.

02 Skincare-Infused Makeup
We infused skincare ingredients into our makeup so you can nourish your skin & glow.

03 Multi-Action Hybrid
The #1 skincare-cosmetic hybrid brand focused on an all-inclusive take and multi-action approach.

04 Skin-First Mindset
From skin prep to my-skin-but-better glamor, we prioritize your skin above everything else.

05 Glow Promise
We promise your glow in 10 days with our signature formula or your money back guaranteed.